Loan Process Page:

Instant Approval

Cashdaddy Credit Team will verify all the particulars provided by you. Approval & Disbursement is very quick.

Get Your Money

After all the verifications & approval by CashDaddy team, the loan amount gets immediately transferred to your bank account.

Other prerequisites:

✓ Indian Resident
✓ Indian Rupee Bank account
✓ Age 18+
✓ Employed

CashDaddy Treats Their Customers Fairly

✓ Small-Short term Personal loans should not be used as a long term financing solution.
✓ Delayed payments will incur penalties and may affect your credit.
✓ Small-Short term loans should not be used to manage existing debt.
✓ Only apply if you are sure that you are able to repay on time.

CashDaddy Treats Their Customers Fairly

* Some common uses of CashDaddy loans include: ✓ Car Repairs.
✓ Unexpected Bills.
✓ Rent.
✓ Credit Card Bill.
✓ Medical Emergency.
✓ Buy a TV, Bike, Mobile Phone.
✓ Marriage Expenses.
✓ Salary Advance.
✓ Travel Loan.
✓ Education Loan.
✓ Auto Loan.
✓ Kitchen Appliances Loan.
✓ LapTop Loan.
✓ Home Renovation.
✓ Consumer Durable Loan